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Do Your Docs Law Practice is a law firm founded and operated by Vera Hardiman, a lawyer of over 25 years’ experience, who is keen to help people navigate their way around the complex  family law system, at a reasonable cost.

Our services:


We know that separation can be confusing, as well as painful and sometimes, a relief.

We are well aware that people going through relationship breakdown will need advice at all stages of the process. We encourage people to make an appointment for face to face advice, soon after separating. This will give you an idea of how much you are entitled to, when splitting the property and what would be the most appropriate parenting arrangements in your situation.

We are happy to advise in all aspects of your situation such as:

  •  what should be your next step
  • what to do about family violence
  • what will mediation be like
  • how much will it all cost
  • when will  court be the best option
  • how to divide the property
  • what to do about child arrangements
  • what paperwork do you need
  • what are the time limits

and refer you to other agencies, that can help

  • Casework, including full representation in all family law matters.
  • The first step is usually to try to negotiate and come to an agreement with your ex partner about the children, their education, when you will each spend time with them, how will you work out child support . In Australian family law, all of the chid arrangements must be made, keeping in mind what is in the best interest of the children.
  • Splitting the property is another major concern for both of you. The property should be split in  way that is fair to both of you, keeping in mind what you have both contributed by way of assets, money and physical work and, also, keeping in mind, what each of your needs and circumstances are.

Where negotiation is impossible or unsuccessful, court may be your only option.

We can offer representation, if you need to go to Court and  we can apply for legal aid on you behalf, if you are eligible. The Victoria Legal Aid website will give you information about eligibility for legal aid.

Once you have come to an agreement, we can assist with  preparation of all family law documents, including Consent Orders, parenting plans, Binding Financial Agreements.

Some people just want to to represent themselves. If that is the case, we can assist with all famiy law court document,  Initiating Applications and Responses, Affidavits, Notice of Risk, Divorce Applications and so on

  • Assistance with mediations and arbitrations

Come to us for assistance at any stage of your family law, even if you are not yet separated, but considering your options.

We are well aware that relationship breakdown is one of the most painful things you can ever experience.

Have you come to agreement during mediation and need someone to draft documents to make that agreement enforceable?

Contact us.  We would love to help.

Mediations and Arbitrations – a short explanation 

Most people are very familiar with mediations. A mediator assists the parties with reaching an agreement either about parenting arrangements or property division. While the mediator in family law matters, may express an opinion, as to what amounts to a fair settlement, the parties negotiate their own agreement.
Arbitrations are different from mediations. They are particularly useful, when the parties would like to appoint an appropriately trained and experienced family law practitioner to decide on a just and fair property settlement, just as a judge might do in a trial. These arbitrations could operate “on the papers”, by video link, or in person. “On the papers” would be the most cost-effective option, where both parties would provide the arbitrator with detailed financial information about their circumstances and a brief history of their relationship. Armed with this information, the arbitrator would provide a determination (like a judge’s decision) in a matter of weeks.

We can link you in with both mediation. Mediation services are provided by  Better Place Australia, Catholic Care and Relationships Australia.

Interact Support is a recommended starting point for referrals to mediation services, including relationship mediation and general information for those in troubled relationships.

Aiflam provides a list of arbitrators and further information. Find them at  aiflam. org.au.

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If you feel you can’t go on. Help is nearby. Just reach out.One option is that you can chat to Lifeline   https://www.lifeline.org.au/about-lifeline/contact-us

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